Taking into consideration the needs of your retail business, now and in the future. KAUNTA is a solution that works best for you. In a retail environment, successful operation requires an effective cash management system, efficient payment processing, accurate inventory control, and good record keeping. KAUNTA saves significant amounts of time and money as well as provide a better long-term solution that can grow with the business.

KAUNTA offers improved accuracy, better inventory tracking, and more detailed reports. Since all transactions take place on the computer, KAUNTA automatically updates inventory and sales information. KAUNTA can also be used for inventory notifications and ordering and customer management to help a retailer maintain and improve customer loyalty.


Build relationship and connect with your contacts. Use Integrated Messaging app for your communication. Send SMS and emails directly from the app for your marketing and retention purposes.


With KAUNTA you keep records of purchases from your vendors easily. For some reason you can opt to return goods to your suppliers. Returns are supported in KAUNTA.


Post your transactions at the sale or anytime later. KAUNTA makes it easy for you to schedule time to serve your customers first and do the accounting later.


When a sale is completed, your inventory will automatically be updated so you always have access to reliable data in real time.


Manage several businesses on the same software.
With this functionality, you can track stock transfer from warehouse to warehouse.


Record all expenditure incurred on a daily basis, weekly, monthly and annually. This ensures that budgeting is done correctly and all expenses meet set financial plan.


KAUNTA does bank reconciliation for you flawlessly. Data from your general ledger files is compared directly to your bank statements and auto-matching takes place.


Amount of share capital or equity financing that a business has, can change over time. Record every change to avoid disputes of such changes.


Keep up to date by viewing real-time reports on daily sales, even when you're not at the store. KAUNTA point of sale software tracks all your sales in real time.






Hardware stores



Is it difficult to reconcile your ledger?

KAUNTA provides a detailed analysis of a business’s revenue and sales data. It can tell which items had been sold and what profit and how often. You can track and reconcile the amount of cash on ledger against the amount in your bank records.

Are you having trouble with stock taking?

KAUNTA being a cloud-based system remedies this issue by allowing uers to edit and track inventory counts in real time, placing this information all in one place. Any authorized user can access this information from any location with the confidence that it is accurate.

Do you know what is happening at your store currently?

KAUNTA enables users to access information from any terminal or mobile device within your stores or even in other locations. You can access real-time vital store data such as reports and customer details on-demand.